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Nov 08 2016

Need Help Getting Through the Holidays Gluten-Free? Hang Out with More Gluten-Free People

It can be hard to stick to gluten-free holidays. Mmmmmm stuffing and fluffy rolls, and pumpkin pie over Thanksgiving. Gingerbread cookies in the breakroom at work. Homemade lasagna at your boss’s holiday party. The holidays have a way of throwing us off our game. Not only are we surrounded by more gluten-free food than ever, but […]

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Dec 14 2015

It’s Not Too Late to Find Love in 2015

Being single over Christmas and New Years can be a drag. Somehow it seems like everyone else in the world is in a relationship, kissing under the mistletoe or locking lips at midnight at New Years. You don’t have to give up on finding love in 2015 just yet. There is still a little time […]

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Mar 13 2015

Twenty Gluten-Free Snacks to Bring to Your March Madness Party

Nachos, pizza, and hamburgers, oh my! Is there any place worse than a March Madness party for gluten-free eaters? Everywhere you look, from hotdog buns to pasta salad and brownies, gluten seems to be lurking. How are you going to do your awesome “my team just dunked on your team” dance if you’re too weak […]

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Mar 12 2014

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With Gluten-Free Beers

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St. Patrick’s Day is a solemn day in which we reverently celebrate Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, by reveling in our (sometimes overstated or outright facetious) Irish heritage. St. Patrick’s Day, United States style is defined by parades, cabbage, the donning of green clothing hastily pulled out of the hamper and, of course, […]

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