Nov 04 2013

Is Going Gluten Free Too Expensive?

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Anyone who is gluten free will remember the first time they went on a big gluten-free food shopping spree. Whether you were on the hunt for gluten-free cookies, gluten-free pasta or even gluten-free pizza dough, we bet your eyes popped with you saw the price tag for your intended gluten-free acquisition.

Yep, we’ve all been through gluten-free sticker shock. Unfortunately, living gluten-free isn’t always cheap. Many everyday food items, like pasta are double or even triple the price when they come in gluten-free form. There is some logic behind the price hike. Companies that make gluten-free items are serving a smaller audience. They must also take great care not to allow any cross-contamination with other products that contain gluten. That means manufacturers are making smaller batches and must work at a sanitized production facility.

Still, even if higher prices makes sense, that doesn’t really make your checkbook feel any better.

However, there’s another, more positive way of thinking about the gluten-free price conundrum. There are many naturally gluten-free items that we can choose to eat, like fruits, vegetables and protein. Chicken is always gluten free (unless it’s slathered in barbeque sauce). So are bananas, strawberries, artichokes, carrots and eggs.

These are all healthy foods that we should be trying to eat more of anyway! Sure, buying healthy foods will be more expensive than dropping a few bucks at your local fast food joint for a burger, fries and soda, but your body will thank you for taking better care of it.

Most of the super expensive gluten-free foods are things that we don’t actually need to stay healthy. Instead of bemoaning the gluten-free brownies and cookies you can’t have, why not enjoy the gluten-free bounty that nature has offered?

In the case of items you just can’t live without, like soups and salad dressings, consider making your own rather than buying expensive gluten-free varieties from the supermarket.

In summary, eating gluten-free doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, it can lead you into an incredibly healthy diet that will support your overall wellbeing. If you are on the dating market, nothing is sexier than a man or a woman who feels great.

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