Nov 09 2016

Do You Promise to Keep Her Gluten-, Corn-, and Diary-Free for as Long as You Both Shall Live?

gluten-free couple getting married

You may kiss the bride! Photo courtesy of

Our First Gluten-Free Couple Gets Married!

Think that it’s impossible to find the gluten-free love of your life? Dale Graff and Pia Strobel are a gluten-free couple that prove that love can transcend any distance and eating restrictions! Last year, we told you the story of Dale, who had trouble finding love in his small town of 40,000 in Montana. Dale, who has been living with celiac disease for almost ten years, was skeptical when he signed up to However, it wasn’t too long before he received a message from Pia, who lived over 2,300 miles away in Connecticut.

What can we say! Love was in the air, and less than a year later, Pia was packing her bags and heading to Montana to live with Dale.

Dale and Pia Tie the Knot

On August 26, 2016, the happy, gluten-free couple bound their lives together forever in matrimony. We were so thrilled that we were invited to the beautiful ceremony! The wedding took place at a secluded cabin in the middle of the Montana forest. As two children played the violin, Pia walked through the tall grasses, toward Dale with a big smile on her face. In a solemn voice, the minister said, “Dale, will you honor and keep her gluten-, corn-, and dairy-free for as long as you both shall live?” The crowd chuckled as Dale gave an enthusiastic “Yes!”

“Pia, will you honor and keep him gluten-, and diary-free as long as you both shall live?”

Gazing into Dale’s eyes, Pia said, “Yes.”

When the couple kissed, the crowd of family and close friends cheered. Then it was time to eat, drink, toast, and party! We all enjoyed the gluten-free and diary-free dinner, and the delicious gluten-free and diary-free cake was to die for! As the campfire crackled and popped, we danced throughout the night, swept away on the powerful currents of love.

Never Give Up On Love

Finding true love may seem nearly impossible, even on a good day. If you are living the gluten-free lifestyle, you may think that there is no one in the world who will understand, support, and appreciate you and your lifestyle habits. Pia and Dale had to look across the entire United States to find their match, but they did it, and you can too! Dale and Pia’s story is a reminder to never give up on love and to never stop looking.

One way to increase your chances of finding someone who shares your gluten-free lifestyle is to sign up for Here, you can find people who really do understand you and who are looking for love, too. Sign up today. Maybe your future bride or groom is already here, waiting for you.

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