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May 17 2016

Should You Be Tested for Celiac Disease?

For a disease that can so drastically harm an individual’s quality of life — and even cut it short! – celiac disease remains stubbornly difficult to diagnose. In fact, one resource suggests that an estimated 95% of Americans with celiac disease haven’t been diagnosed. Do you experience common symptoms associated with celiac disease or have […]

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May 03 2016

I Tried Out a Gluten-Free Resort and Here’s What I Thought…

Written by GlutenfreeSingles Co-owner Marcella Romaya Living the gluten-free lifestyle can be a challenge even on your home turf; now imagine how hard it is when you’re in a strange place, don’t know any of the local restaurants, and may not even be able to translate the menu! For someone like me who lives with […]

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Mar 22 2016

When Should You Tell Your Child That She has Celiac Disease? …Right Away, Duh!

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In the first paragraph of her article published in the Washington Post on Feb 8, Susan Stillman explains, “…there are times when I feel like a little less knowledge never hurt anybody.” Sure, I’ll give her that. I really don’t want to know the full details of my dad’s colonoscopy or how many calories are […]

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Nov 06 2014

Can One Little Device Help You Stay Gluten-Free?

We all know how sneaky gluten can be. Sometimes it shows up in the weirdest places, like in a bottle of salad dressing, a can of bug spray, or even a packet of gravy mix. It may even be lingering on utensils, pans, or countertops that were not well cleaned after handling gluten. As hard […]

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Dec 23 2013

How Alek Komarnitsky Is Raising Money For Celiac Disease Research Is Pretty Amazing!

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There are many ways to raise money for a good cause. There’s always the tried and true car washes, bake sales and 5k runs. Alek Komarnitsky had a different idea. The self-professed geek has raised over $80,000 for the Center for Celiac Research using his Christmas lights and a handful of amusing blowups. We think […]

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