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Dec 13 2016

The State of Gluten-Free in America

As we say goodbye to 2016, it’s useful to reflect on how far the gluten-free movement has come in just a few years. It really wasn’t that long ago when gluten-free products could only be found on half a shelf in the back of specialty food stores. Over the past couple of years, conditions like […]

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Nov 09 2016

Do You Promise to Keep Her Gluten-, Corn-, and Diary-Free for as Long as You Both Shall Live?

Our First Gluten-Free Couple Gets Married! Think that it’s impossible to find the gluten-free love of your life? Dale Graff and Pia Strobel are a gluten-free couple that prove that love can transcend any distance and eating restrictions! Last year, we told you the story of Dale, who had trouble finding love in his small […]

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Nov 08 2016

Need Help Getting Through the Holidays Gluten-Free? Hang Out with More Gluten-Free People

It can be hard to stick to gluten-free holidays. Mmmmmm stuffing and fluffy rolls, and pumpkin pie over Thanksgiving. Gingerbread cookies in the breakroom at work. Homemade lasagna at your boss’s holiday party. The holidays have a way of throwing us off our game. Not only are we surrounded by more gluten-free food than ever, but […]

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Nov 04 2014

Is It Okay To Go Gluten-Free Just To Eat Healthy?

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Gluten-free is now a multi-billion dollar industry. Only an estimated one percent of the population actually suffers from celiac disease, so where is all the rest of the money coming from? Some of it is flowing out of the pockets of people who are sensitive to gluten, but there are definitely people who could gobble […]

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Oct 30 2014

Five Perfect Gluten-Free Dates For Fall

Here in Southern California, we don’t really get fall. Sure, the temperature is a little cooler, but we miss out on the beautiful color change in the leaves, and the crisp cool air that makes you want to sit in front of the fire and cuddle up with a special someone. For all of you […]

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Oct 08 2014

Should You Be Concerned About Lupin In Your Food?

We all know that food manufactures are jumping aboard the gluten-free train with unrestrained enthusiasm now that more and more consumers are willing to open their wallets and shell out extra dollars for gluten-free alternatives to their favorite foods. Have you ever considered what is replacing all of that gluten in your gluten-free muffins, pancakes, […]

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Jul 21 2014

Do You Know What Gluten Is?

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My Take On Jimmy Kimmel’s Viral Video If you can keep track of the latest and greatest viral videos to hit the web or if you’re a fan of the Jimmy Kimmel show, then you probably saw a recent segment that has been making the rounds on social media platforms. Kimmel sent a camera crew […]

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Jan 02 2014

A Gluten-Free New Year? It’s Not As Easy As You Think

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Are you considering a gluten-free diet in 2014? We wish you the best of luck. A gluten-free diet can help drastically alleviate many symptoms of discomfort and pain for those with celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity. Many other individuals choose a gluten-free diet for health, weight loss and hormonal reasons. Whatever your reason, we […]

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Nov 09 2013

A Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

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The leaves have turned, the Halloween candy has been given out and Christmas commercials are starting to interrupt your favorite shows. You know what that means…Turkey, Turkey, Turkey! Yes, Thanksgiving is here! While the old stereotype is to worry about serious family dramas flaring over plates steaming with turkey and stuffing, gluten-free individuals have Thanksgiving […]

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Oct 09 2013

Do Oats Contain Gluten?

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There is some confusion about whether oatmeal can be included in a gluten-free diet. The reason so many people ask this question is probably because there isn’t a simple yes or no answer. Oats actually do contain a form of gluten called avenin, but it does not affect most people like other forms of gluten. […]

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