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May 22 2017

Educate Yourself About Celiac Disease for Celiac Awareness Month

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When you tell new acquaintances that you are gluten-free, you might receive an eye roll for your trouble. It’s true that the gluten-free diet has become a hot trend over the past few years, adopted by athletes and actors alike for a variety of reasons. Some simply believe that a gluten-free diet can lead to […]

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Apr 19 2016

Michael Pollan Thinks That Gluten Might be a “Social Contagion”

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Michael Pollan, the well-known food journalist, author, and activist once surmised that the gluten-free craze might be a “social contagion” in a free-wheeling interview on HuffPost Live in 2014. You may know Pollan from his blockbuster book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma or his strong advocacy of the slow food movement. He has studied food and the […]

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Nov 06 2014

Can One Little Device Help You Stay Gluten-Free?

We all know how sneaky gluten can be. Sometimes it shows up in the weirdest places, like in a bottle of salad dressing, a can of bug spray, or even a packet of gravy mix. It may even be lingering on utensils, pans, or countertops that were not well cleaned after handling gluten. As hard […]

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May 26 2014

Are Wheat-Free and Gluten-Free Diets The Same Thing?

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Wheat and gluten are often used interchangeably, which can lead to a lot of confusion when we talk about things like a gluten-free diet versus a wheat-free diet. Wheat is a type of grain that is often used to make bread, pasta and flour. Gluten is a protein found within wheat, as well as barley […]

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