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Nov 08 2016

Need Help Getting Through the Holidays Gluten-Free? Hang Out with More Gluten-Free People

It can be hard to stick to gluten-free holidays. Mmmmmm stuffing and fluffy rolls, and pumpkin pie over Thanksgiving. Gingerbread cookies in the breakroom at work. Homemade lasagna at your boss’s holiday party. The holidays have a way of throwing us off our game. Not only are we surrounded by more gluten-free food than ever, but […]

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May 20 2015

Five Reasons 40 is the Perfect Age to Date Again

Over the past 50 years, we have seen a rapid change in social norms, especially when it comes to relationships. Men and women are choosing to marry at later and have children later, often after dating and even living together for years. We’re also living longer and staying healthier even into our middle years and […]

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Dec 24 2014

New Year, New Relationships: The Online Dating Prep Guide for Love in 2015

We hope you had an absolutely wonderful 2014, but if you didn’t find love, don’t give up! 2015 offers you a fresh slate. Take the lessons from 2014 but leave the hurt or discouragement behind. You can find love this year. So, after all the New Year festivities are over, drink some water, get some […]

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Oct 21 2014

Online Dating Tips For Men: Acing The First Phone Call

The online dating dance usually includes similar moves no matter who catches your eye. First comes the wink or introductory message. You wait with baited breath for a response. When it comes, you exchange flirty little messages for a few days and learn about one another. Eventually someone drops their phone number and the other […]

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Jun 17 2014

Want To Be Super Sexy? Learn To Laugh At Yourself

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Do you want to be a super sexy, irresistible hunk or babe? You don’t have to answer that. I’ll assume a resounding YES! all around. You will probably be surprised to know that it doesn’t take abs of steel, Barbie proportions, or a million dollars in plastic surgery to be sexy.

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