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Jul 11 2017

No, a Gluten Allergy Isn’t All in Your Head

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“It’s all in your head.” If you suffer from gluten intolerance, a gluten allergy, or celiac disease, I just know you’ve heard those words more times than you can count. For a certain sub-set of people, if you aren’t gushing blood or a piece of bone isn’t sticking out of your skin, then any pain […]

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Dec 13 2016

The State of Gluten-Free in America

As we say goodbye to 2016, it’s useful to reflect on how far the gluten-free movement has come in just a few years. It really wasn’t that long ago when gluten-free products could only be found on half a shelf in the back of specialty food stores. Over the past couple of years, conditions like […]

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Nov 09 2016

Do You Promise to Keep Her Gluten-, Corn-, and Diary-Free for as Long as You Both Shall Live?

Our First Gluten-Free Couple Gets Married! Think that it’s impossible to find the gluten-free love of your life? Dale Graff and Pia Strobel are a gluten-free couple that prove that love can transcend any distance and eating restrictions! Last year, we told you the story of Dale, who had trouble finding love in his small […]

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May 17 2016

Should You Be Tested for Celiac Disease?

For a disease that can so drastically harm an individual’s quality of life — and even cut it short! – celiac disease remains stubbornly difficult to diagnose. In fact, one resource suggests that an estimated 95% of Americans with celiac disease haven’t been diagnosed. Do you experience common symptoms associated with celiac disease or have […]

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May 03 2016

I Tried Out a Gluten-Free Resort and Here’s What I Thought…

Written by GlutenfreeSingles Co-owner Marcella Romaya Living the gluten-free lifestyle can be a challenge even on your home turf; now imagine how hard it is when you’re in a strange place, don’t know any of the local restaurants, and may not even be able to translate the menu! For someone like me who lives with […]

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Aug 14 2015

Guess Which World-Renown Athlete Credits Cutting Gluten with Elevating His Game?

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Wimbledon is over, and once again the men’s trophy went to Novak Djokovic. Not surprising since Djokovic is the number one ranked male tennis player in the world (and has sitting on top of the rankings for an astounding 155 weeks). In fact, Djokovic has made appearances in the finals of all three major tournaments […]

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Mar 24 2015

Five Reasons Gluten-Free Eaters Should Start Their Own Gardens

Spring is almost here, which means sunshine, warmth…and maybe a little gardening? If you’ve never considered yourself to have a green thumb, it might be time to let your inner gardener bloom, especially if you have adopted a gluten-free lifestyle. Here are five important reasons why gluten-free eaters should consider gardening: You Care About Your […]

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Jan 13 2015

Do Gluten-Free Eaters Need To Worry About Arsenic in Rice?

I think all of us are tired of the scare-tactic headlines that scream, “These Five Things Under Your Kitchen Sink Can Kill You!” Doesn’t it kind of seem like anything and everything can hurt, maim, or kill us if we’re not careful? Even gluten can be dangerous for those with celiac disease or those who […]

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Dec 29 2014

2014 Gluten-Free Wrap-Up – A Look at the Gluten-Free Trends and News Stories of 2014

Let’s just cut to the chase. Gluten-free was big in 2014. Over the past few years, the gluten-free diet has been gaining more visibility, more adherents, and more attention from food manufacturers and the general public. In 2014 we saw a lot of big news stories hit, food manufacturers rolling out gluten-free products, the implementation […]

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Dec 17 2014

Going Gluten-Free In 2015? Here Are Six Things You Need To Know

Is 2015 going to be the year you finally kick gluten out of your life for good? Maybe you suspect that you have a gluten sensitivity, or you just want to get healthy by ridding yourself of gluten-filled processed foods. Whatever the reason, congratulations for making a change. It’s not going to be easy though. […]

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