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Jun 21 2016

Does Online Dating Make You Mean?

If you’ve tried out online dating for any length of time, you’ve almost certainly been on the receiving end of what I’ll call, “the disappearing act.” Someone catches your eye. You message them, and bingo! they respond back. The two of you send a few messages back and forth, and you start to feel those […]

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Jun 07 2016

It’s Okay to Start Online Dating Slow

You love the idea of being in a sizzling, fun relationship, so why can’t you find the time to write that killer profile? Why do you keep putting off answering messages from interested singles? You know that you have to strap into the dating rollercoaster if you want that relationship your dreams. However, that doesn’t […]

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Nov 06 2014

Can One Little Device Help You Stay Gluten-Free?

We all know how sneaky gluten can be. Sometimes it shows up in the weirdest places, like in a bottle of salad dressing, a can of bug spray, or even a packet of gravy mix. It may even be lingering on utensils, pans, or countertops that were not well cleaned after handling gluten. As hard […]

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Oct 16 2014

Not Getting A lot Of Online Dating Attention? You Could Be Sabotaging Your Love Life With A Bad Profile Pic!

We all know how important first impressions are, which is why it blows my mind how many people upload crappy photos to their dating website profile. I wish we didn’t judge books by their covers, but in the online dating world, pictures matter a great deal! Imagine your typical girl starting her online dating profile. […]

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Nov 11 2013

Let Your Phone Be Your Gluten-Free Sidekick – Five Helpful Gluten-Free Phone Apps

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Remember when phones used to be…just phones? Yeah, neither do I. Today, our phones are tip calculators, maps, flashlights, books, credit cards, radios and and much, much more. They can also be your gluten-free sidekick, helping you find gluten-free restaurants, shop for gluten-free groceries and even stay gluten free while traveling. Below are five helpful […]

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