May 23 2015

Couple Finds Love, Makes the News On

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Couple finds love on Gluten-free SinglesIt probably isn’t so surprising that when Marcella Romaya and Sheri Grande first launched, the public was a bit skeptical. News articles appeared online with titles like, “There’s Now a Dating Site for Gluten-Free Singles. Of Course” (Jezebel) and “Do We Really Need A Gluten-Free Dating Site?” (Huffington Post). People questioned if this particular niche dating website was just a little too niche. Well, we’ve been around for over a year now, and over 25,000 gluten-free singles have joined our ranks.

We’re also delighted that the site has indeed sparked some strong new relationships. Recently, one of our couples was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle. The article written by Kristen V. Brown was titled, “Dating sites just for the gluten-free, Objectivist or mustachioed,” and spotlighted Dale Graff, 47, a land surveyor in Bozeman, Montana. In many respects, Dale represents exactly the type of person Marcella and Sheri created GFS for.

Dale, who was diagnosed with celiac disease eight years ago and also subscribes to a diary-free diet, had trouble finding a compatible girlfriend in his town of just 40,000. His dietary restrictions often complicated his relationships until he determined that he wanted to find a woman who was gluten-free and diary-free.

Despite his skepticism, Dale gave a try. Eventually, he received a message from a hair salon owner in Connecticut, Pia Strobel. In less than a year, Pia moved to Bozeman where the couple are buying a house together.

We now feature a quote from Dale and Pia on our website, “We had no idea love could stretch 2,300 miles. Now we’re together and working on ‘Happily ever after.’”

Dale and Pia prove that niche dating websites are useful for those who are searching for a very specific partner, and we’re thrilled that they found each other. We also believe many other couples have also discovered friendships and romantic relationships through The thing to keep in mind is that when you use smaller dating websites like GFS, you may need to be more patient in searching for a romantic partner. We won’t return hundreds of singles in your area to you, and that’s the whole point. One more tip is to expand your search parameters. A more exclusive membership means that you will probably not find as many singles in your neighborhood. Dale and Pia lived 2,300 miles apart, and they were able to make it work.

We want to thank Dale and Pia for sharing their story with us and with the San Francisco Chronicle. We hope to hear many more just like it from happy couples who met through

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