May 20 2015

Five Reasons 40 is the Perfect Age to Date Again

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40 is the Perfect Age to Date AgainOver the past 50 years, we have seen a rapid change in social norms, especially when it comes to relationships. Men and women are choosing to marry at later and have children later, often after dating and even living together for years. We’re also living longer and staying healthier even into our middle years and beyond. The explosion of women in the workplace means that many more women are financially independent and don’t need to stay in an unhappy relationships for financial reasons. What does this all mean? Well, a lot of stuff actually, but for the purposes of this article, it means that it is no longer odd or weird for an attractive, high-quality, and financially secure 40-year-old to be on the dating market. In fact, 40 may be the best time ever to hit the dating market again to find new and exciting relationships. Here are five reasons why:

  1. You are soooo much more experienced now

Many people make the mistake of settling down too quickly with someone who is “good enough.” It’s an easy mistake to make if you’ve only had a few serious relationships and don’t even really know who you are yet. By 40, that has all changed. You’ve probably moved a couple of times, switched jobs and entire career fields, and met tons of different people through your various hobbies. You know who you are and what type of person you want to be with. You also know your hang-ups and don’t feel guilty about being picky. And of course, you have more experience in the bedroom with different partners, making sex a fun and adventurous experience.


  1. You’ve got confidence up the whazoo

Age often brings wisdom, and wisdom is the gateway to a healthy confidence. (Note: confidence and arrogance are two entirely separate things). It doesn’t hurt that you’ve probably earned a cushy office at the top of your field or might have even started your own business. You’ve figured out what you are good at, both in your job and in your personal life, and there’s no feeling quite like knowing you are the boss (possibly literally). Take that confidence and transfer it to your relationship. No more awkward first dates, desperately waiting for the other person to call, replaying every conversation in your head, or worrying what you look like without your clothes on. You know exactly who you are and are proud to flaunt it!


  1. You can afford to go on fabulous dates

The cushy office probably comes with a pretty sweet paycheck. You can afford the high life now (or at least you aren’t scraping under the couch cushions to make rent). When you feel more financially secure, not only will this add to your confidence, but you can afford some really fun dates. Take your dates to the best restaurants in town, keep the drinks coming, or go on a spur-of-the moment vacation just ‘cause you feel like it. For women, money means you can afford to chip in on dates and never have to feel like you “owe” your partner anything for picking up the tab.


  1. You are strong, healthy, and oh-so-sexy!

Forty really is the new 30. With regular exercise, a healthy diet (gluten-free, of course), beauty treatments, and perhaps even a nip and tuck (no judgements here), you can look and feel absolutely fabulous. Some of Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses and actors are over 40 and still rocking amazing bodies, including — Jennifer Aniston, Hugh Jackman, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Uma Thurman, Vin Diesel, and Gwyneth Paltrow. You don’t have to live in Hollywood to be a sweet and sexy thang. Get into those skinny jeans and show the world that you’ve still got it.


  1. You know exactly what you want

Forty-year-old daters definitely have something that virtually no twenty-somethings have. After four decades on earth, they know exactly who they are. Multiple relationships and perhaps even a marriage have taught them exactly what kind of partner they want. You are focused and ferocious and you are too important to settle for anyone who is beneath you. If you want love at 40, then go out into the world and take it. You know you can.

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