Dec 19 2017

Five Romantic New Year’s Dates

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New Years Date

How about toasting New Year’s on an exotic beach? Just one of our handy New Year’s dates. Photo via VisualHunt

If you’ve met someone special this year, you have an extra reason to celebrate New Year’s. It can be your chance to say a fond farewell to lots of good memories as well as a way to start the new year off right. As New Year’s approaches, now is the time to start thinking of some romantic date ideas. Forget the crowded ball drop – not super romantic when you’re sharing space with a few thousand strangers. Here are some New Year’s Eve date ideas with some sizzle.

Go to a Ball

If you don’t mind dropping a little money to make this New Year’s Eve something truly unforgettable, check out what the top hotels in your city are doing. Many of them throw big parties that include multi-course meals, live bands, and dancing in a huge ballroom. Some even include party themes.

Sail Away

If you live near a harbor or lake (or don’t mind taking a road trip), you can almost certainly find romantic New Year’s Eve cruises available. These can range from full-on party boats – with live bands playing on multiple decks and free-flowing bars – to smaller, more exclusive yachts. For the ultimate in luxury, surprise your someone special by renting your own boat or yacht.

A Night Under the Stars

Want to up the romance without draining your bank account? This idea only requires a tank of gas. As the sun sets, drive your special honey to a secluded place where you won’t face light pollution. Spread a blanket or just lay on the hood of your cars and watch the stars. The benefit of this plan is that you’ll definitely need to cuddle for warmth as you talk about the future or remember your favorite memories from the last year.

Stay at Home

Who says you need to go out to create a romantic date for New Year’s? Honestly, romance is all about putting thought and time into creating a special experience for the one you love. Your romantic date can be as simple as making a delicious dinner, dropping a few rose petals, and drawing a bubble bath to share. Make sure to include a bottle of champagne and glasses to clink when the clock ticks down.

Surprise Getaway

If you’re feeling run down from the holidays or wishing for something other than endless cold and darkness, now is the time to splurge on a surprise getaway. Go someplace warm and sunny, like Cancun, Hawaii, or Miami and celebrate New Year’s outside without a parka on. Now that’s how you make special memories for the new year.

Got ideas for romantic New Year’s dates? Let us know what you’re doing for the new year in the comments section or on our Facebook page.

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