Jan 14 2016

Four Reasons You Are Better Than Tinder

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coupleTinder has been blowing up in the dating industry since its apps first landed on Android and iPhones. There’s no denying that Tinder is the essence of convenience, allowing users to see singles in their area and choose to connect with them with a single swipe. However, beneath the glossy veneer is an app that encourages users to simply judge potential mates on their appearances. It’s no wonder that Tinder has developed a reputation as the go-to place for fast, shallow hook-ups. If that’s your thing, then keep swiping to your heart’s desire. However, if you’re looking for a real relationship, then it’s time to put on your big boy and big girl pants and ditch your Tinder app. You are better than Tinder, and here’s why:

1. You deserve to be judged by more than your appearance

You don’t have to live in a world where you doll yourself up and then hang out at a bar, hoping to attract cute singles based only on your appearance. You are so much more that your eye color, body shape, and how you look in those skinny jeans. Physical attraction is a big part of the romance equation, but it’s not the only ingredient. Tinder is all about making instant judgments based on appearance. That might have been alright in middle school, but you know better now.

2. Shallow hook-ups get old, fast

Shallow hook-ups are perfect for college kids who can’t even decide on their major, much less a life partner. As you grow older and mature, you’ll start to appreciate that real connections are more than just physical. Getting to know someone and developing a friendship with your romantic partner will fulfill you in a way that your bedroom sessions never will. It’s time to graduate from being a booty call.

3. Who needs to go on more terrible first dates?

Tinder is all about quantity over quality. It encourages you to cast a wide net and then to slog through the masses of singles to try and find someone who really rings true to you. This means endless meaningless conversations and often finding yourself on terrible dates. Funny how someone who looked so attractive in their pic can instantly become hideous when they open their mouth and start spouting ignorant opinions. If you’d been on a real dating website that allows you to carefully cultivate the type of people you want to meet, you could have avoided that date altogether.

4. It’s time to be a grown up

If you want to be in a real relationship, then you’re going to have to start acting like a grownup. That means looking for people who share interests with you and demonstrate the qualities you want in a best friend and lover. It means taking the time to represent yourself well and develop a meaningful conversation. It means looking for more than a hookup that might accidentally turn into a relationship. Tinder is not the place for this. Consider using a traditional dating website that allows you to curate your searches and provides full profiles of potential dates or niche dating sites like GlutenfreeSingles that gives you a pre-screened pool of singles.

Don’t let anyone swipe left on you again!

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