Feb 24 2015

Should You Choose A General Or A Niche Online Dating Website In 2015?

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general or niche dating site, gluten free singlesThe new year is still young, and Valentine’s Day is approaching, reminding you that the time is right to invite love into your life. We don’t have to tell you that online dating is a convenient way to discover the singles in your area and to start filtering them based on your preferences. However, before you start getting your dating groove on, you have to choose an online dating website. Should you go big with one of the major dating websites or hone your search with a niche dating website?

Benefits of the Big Dating Websites

Most online daters start with one of the major dating websites, like Match.com, eHarmony, OKCupid, or PlentyofFish. It’s easy to see the attraction to these website. They each boast a large number of members. According to Statistic Brain, Match.com has over 21 million members, and eHarmony isn’t far behind with over 15 million members. If you aren’t sure exactly what type of partner you want or aren’t too picky, you’ll find plenty of great candidates on these sites. Large dating websites can also be useful for those who live in small towns and might not be able to find someone nearby on a niche dating website with a smaller membership.

However, a larger, generic dating pool can also be a drawback. If you are looking for someone with very specific interests, beliefs, or racial heritage, then you might not appreciate all the distractions you’ll find on a large online dating website. This is where the niche websites could be a better fit.

Benefits of Niche Dating Websites

If you know exactly what you want in a dating partner, then there’s no need to waste your time on the large, generic dating websites filled with people who don’t meet your standards. Niche dating websites offer a much smaller pool of singles, but that’s the whole point. These sites pick one major aspect that all their members share and want to find in their romantic partner.

For example, at GlutenfreeSingles.com, all of our members embrace the gluten-free life. Many of our members have celiac disease, which makes it very difficult (and even dangerous) for them to date someone who is not gluten free. The gluten-free life impacts what our members eat, where they eat, and how they view nutrition. It can be challenging even for someone who is gluten free voluntarily to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t get or respect their dietary choice.

In this scenario, it makes a lot more sense for someone who is gluten free to skip a large online dating website and to choose a niche dating website, where everyone is already “pre-qualified” as gluten free. Those who choose to participate on niche dating websites must be aware that their choices will be more limited, singles may live farther away, and they may even need to check back every few weeks if they don’t find a good match right away.

What About Both?

Of course, your choice of dating website doesn’t have to be either/or. In fact, many singles like to “play the field,” by using multiple dating websites at the same time. If you have the funds and the focus to juggle multiple accounts, there’s no reason why you can enjoy all the benefits of a big dating website and the benefits of a niche site at the same time with multiple memberships!

If you are gluten free, then see what a niche dating website has to offer by signing up for Glutenfreesingles.com.


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