Dec 17 2014

Going Gluten-Free In 2015? Here Are Six Things You Need To Know

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Welcome to the gluten-free life!

Is 2015 going to be the year you finally kick gluten out of your life for good? Maybe you suspect that you have a gluten sensitivity, or you just want to get healthy by ridding yourself of gluten-filled processed foods. Whatever the reason, congratulations for making a change. It’s not going to be easy though. Getting rid of old habits never is. Here are six important things you need to know about going gluten-free.

  1. You’ll Face Gluten Cravings

It’s not like you can just make huge changes to your diet and get through unscathed. Gluten comes in all sorts of goodies you probably enjoy every day, from bagels and buttered toast in the morning, to a ham on rye or sub for lunch, and brownies, cake, and cookies for dessert. When you leave gluten, you will probably be hit with some pretty big cravings over the first few weeks. Stay strong! If you can last 30 days, your body and habits will adjust.

  1. Your Friends Will Think You’re Weird

Unless you live in an extremely progressive food enclave, gluten-free dieting still isn’t entirely mainstream. When you start nitpicking at restaurant menus or turning down cookies at work, your friends may think you’ve gone off the deep end or at least have engaged in an annoying fad. Explain to them the reasons behind your diet switch. True friends will get over it and accept you, gluten-free and all!

  1. Eating Out And Grocery Shopping Just Got Harder

If you intend to be strict about gluten-free dieting, you’ll find that going out to eat and grocery shopping are whole new experiences. It can be extremely difficult to order gluten-free dishes at restaurants or to even find a waiter who can list all the ingredients in this salad or that entrée. Many restaurants are getting better at offering gluten-free dishes, but you still have to worry about cross contamination. Grocery shopping can also be difficult. Gluten hides in many different products that you would never think to look, like salad dressings, soups, and gravy. Familiarize yourself with some of the confusing ingredients that contain gluten. (This article from About Healthy is a lifesaver.)

  1. You’re Going To Be Spending Extra Money

The first time you go grocery shopping after your switch to gluten-free, you’ll notice the difference when you ring out. Gluten-free alternatives tend to be significantly more expensive than their gluten-free counterparts. According to Catalina Marketing, gluten-free customers are paying an average of $100 on groceries for every $33 a regular customer spends. This can add up quick, especially if you are trying to switch an entire family to gluten-free living. To save money, focus on buying healthy, low-cost foods like veggies, fruits, and lean protein.

  1. A Gluten-Free Diet Isn’t Necessarily A Healthy or Weight Loss Diet

A lot of people are under the assumption that a gluten-free diet is automatically healthy. This makes sense in theory, since it often eliminates a lot of processed foods. However, food manufacturers are offering more and more gluten-free substitutes for things like cereal, brownies, pasta, and more. Oftentimes, these foods are filled with lots of additional sugar to help improve the taste of the flour substitute. It is possible to be unhealthy and to even gain weight on a gluten-free diet. To stay healthy, stick with natural gluten-free foods: fruits, veggies, nuts, and lean protein.

  1. There Is A Huge Gluten-Free Community

And finally, when you switch to gluten-free in 2015, you don’t have to do it alone. The internet is filled with helpful gluten-free bloggers, celiac interest groups, and even, the only gluten-free online dating website. We not only help match singles to others who embrace the gluten-free lifestyle, but we also host forums, allow members to search for gluten-free friends in their area, and actively encourage group activities as well.

New gluten-free friends and connections can help you stay strong during the craving stage, share great recipes, and support you in your new lifestyle. Good luck going gluten-free in 2015!

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