Sep 17 2015

It’s Time to Invite Your Parents to Online Dating

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It's time to invite your parents to online datingTalking with your parents about your love life will always be awkward. What’s even more awkward is talking about their love life. However, many of today’s millennials and gen Xers are having to do that. It might just be time to take the ick out of questioning Mom about her dating life or convincing her to try online dating websites.

The divorce rate in the United States has surprisingly leveled out over the past few decades after soaring to historic highs. One demographic, however is bucking the trend. According to a study by Bowling Green State University, divorce rates have doubled over the last 20 years among couples 50 and older. Many of these couples married young in an era where divorce was much less socially acceptable than it is today. Now, with the kids grown and out of the house, many baby boomers have realized that an unhappy marriage doesn’t have to be a lifetime sentence.

Adult children are usually surprised and dismayed when their parents get divorced, but over time they may come to see how much happier each parent is on their own. They may also realize that Mom and Dad have no idea how to get back into the dating field.

Dating is already awkward, but it can be much harder if your parent hasn’t dabbed on the cologne or slipped into a pair of heels since the 70s. The dating world is a very different place than it was even a decade ago, and it is up to you to help your parents navigate. One of the easiest ways for older adults to get back into the dating realm is through online dating websites.

Online dating websites offer your parents a simple way to find singles in their area who match their perimeters. Imagine your mom or dad trying to pick up singles at a bar or hopping onto a singles cruise…actually you probably don’t want to think about that.

If your parents aren’t overly computer literate, then sit down with them and help them fill out their profile. You can use your phone to take a few nice pictures of your parent and show them how to upload it. Help them with what to say on their personal summary and then let them take a spin in searching for potential matches and sending messages. Yes, this will be weird, but you will get so many good child karma points.

Don’t just let your parents sign up for the biggest, most generic dating websites. Let them know that specialized dating websites are the hot new thing. If your parent is leading a gluten-free life, then could be a great dating website for them.

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