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Jan 09 2018

Meeting the Parents for the First Time? Here’s How to Not Freak Them Out About Your Celiac Disease

Your new relationship is going great! So great that your hunky boyfriend or dazzling girlfriend wants to take things to the next level. That’s right, you’ve just earned a primo invitation to meet the parents. This age-old tradition comes laden with any number of landmines, but your job is harder than most. Not only do […]

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Dec 19 2017

Five Romantic New Year’s Dates

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If you’ve met someone special this year, you have an extra reason to celebrate New Year’s. It can be your chance to say a fond farewell to lots of good memories as well as a way to start the new year off right. As New Year’s approaches, now is the time to start thinking of […]

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Aug 08 2017

Teens and Young Adults Need Help Developing Mature Romantic Relationships

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There has been a lot of chatter in the news and more than a little parental fretting over the last few years about hook-up culture among teens and young adults. However, perhaps we should be worried less about the rise in casual sex and more about how todays young adults are struggling and oftentimes failing […]

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Dec 27 2016

The Five Things You Need to Do to Fall In Love In the New Year

This year is almost over, and considering how weird, horrible, and downright depressing the political scene has been (and, as a result, every single person’s Facebook page), good riddance! If you don’t have anybody to kiss under the mistletoe or on New Year’s Eve, don’t let yourself drown in the holiday blues. This year is […]

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Nov 22 2016

Five Reasons the Holidays Are the Perfect Time to Start Dating Again

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It’s easy to convince yourself that the holidays are the WORST time to try and start dating again. You’ve got a thousand extra things to do, your parents are in town, and maybe you’ve been scarfing one too many pieces of leftover Halloween candy after your last breakup. Stop with this nonsense! The holidays are […]

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Jun 07 2016

It’s Okay to Start Online Dating Slow

You love the idea of being in a sizzling, fun relationship, so why can’t you find the time to write that killer profile? Why do you keep putting off answering messages from interested singles? You know that you have to strap into the dating rollercoaster if you want that relationship your dreams. However, that doesn’t […]

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Mar 08 2016

Dating Red Flags – Is Your Girlfriend Moving Too Fast?

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Girls certainly have a reputation for wanting to move a relationship forward a lot faster than their male companions. (Or is it just that guys like to drag their feet?) However, we’ve all heard the horror stories of girls slamming down the accelerator and horrifying her date with talk of marriage, kids, and shared retirement […]

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Jan 21 2015

If the Spark Isn’t There, Let Him Go

You sign up for an online dating site (maybe like GlutenfreeSingles) and start chatting with a cool new guy. Soon enough, you decide to meet in person. When you meet him for the first time, he checks every box on your imaginary perfect prince list. He is handsome, interesting, and funny. The conversation flows as […]

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Nov 19 2014

How Do You Meet Your Ideal Romantic Match?

Whenever I meet a new couple, I love asking them how they met. Every couple’s story has a different beginning, so there’s no way to tell how you’ll meet your soul mate. One thing I’ve noticed about the people I’ve met is that it usually starts with having something in common. Do What You Already […]

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Oct 30 2014

Five Perfect Gluten-Free Dates For Fall

Here in Southern California, we don’t really get fall. Sure, the temperature is a little cooler, but we miss out on the beautiful color change in the leaves, and the crisp cool air that makes you want to sit in front of the fire and cuddle up with a special someone. For all of you […]

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