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Dec 05 2017

Wow Your Friends with These 20 Gluten-Free Holiday Treats at Your Next Holiday Party

The holidays are synonymous with food, which can be a big risk if you are living the gluten-free life (by choice or necessity). Tis the season to find the break room filled with cookies, have your mother-in-law bake her famous rolls for Thanksgiving yet again, and to gather invites to endless Christmas and holiday celebrations […]

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Nov 22 2016

Five Reasons the Holidays Are the Perfect Time to Start Dating Again

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It’s easy to convince yourself that the holidays are the WORST time to try and start dating again. You’ve got a thousand extra things to do, your parents are in town, and maybe you’ve been scarfing one too many pieces of leftover Halloween candy after your last breakup. Stop with this nonsense! The holidays are […]

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Nov 08 2016

Need Help Getting Through the Holidays Gluten-Free? Hang Out with More Gluten-Free People

It can be hard to stick to gluten-free holidays. Mmmmmm stuffing and fluffy rolls, and pumpkin pie over Thanksgiving. Gingerbread cookies in the breakroom at work. Homemade lasagna at your boss’s holiday party. The holidays have a way of throwing us off our game. Not only are we surrounded by more gluten-free food than ever, but […]

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Dec 09 2014

Five Gluten-Free Snacks To Bring To Your Next Holiday Party

Bells are jing-jing-jingling! That means the holidays are here. Not only do you have to find some way to squeeze holiday shopping into your busy schedule, you also need to survive a slew of holiday parties. For gluten-free eaters, especially those with severe gluten allergies or celiac disease, survival is the right word. Even a […]

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Dec 02 2014

Special Holiday Gift To Help You Find Love

Let’s face it – it can be difficult for a gluten-free eater to find a special someone who is either also gluten-free or is willing to accept your gluten-free lifestyle. For those with celiac disease, the search is even harder. It is especially hard to be alone during the holidays when sappy Christmas movies are […]

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Feb 10 2014

A Gluten Free Valentine’s Dinner – A Recipe For Love

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, gluten free singles, couples and families can be stressed out by where to go. What is safe? Is this really gluten free? This holiday is about passion, love, decadence, and gluten free individuals can enjoy it too! Here is a three-course meal that will be sure to invigorate the senses, impress […]

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Nov 09 2013

A Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

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The leaves have turned, the Halloween candy has been given out and Christmas commercials are starting to interrupt your favorite shows. You know what that means…Turkey, Turkey, Turkey! Yes, Thanksgiving is here! While the old stereotype is to worry about serious family dramas flaring over plates steaming with turkey and stuffing, gluten-free individuals have Thanksgiving […]

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