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Dec 19 2017

Five Romantic New Year’s Dates

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If you’ve met someone special this year, you have an extra reason to celebrate New Year’s. It can be your chance to say a fond farewell to lots of good memories as well as a way to start the new year off right. As New Year’s approaches, now is the time to start thinking of […]

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Dec 27 2016

The Five Things You Need to Do to Fall In Love In the New Year

This year is almost over, and considering how weird, horrible, and downright depressing the political scene has been (and, as a result, every single person’s Facebook page), good riddance! If you don’t have anybody to kiss under the mistletoe or on New Year’s Eve, don’t let yourself drown in the holiday blues. This year is […]

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Dec 31 2014

Improve Your Dating Game With Powerful New Year’s Resolutions

The dating scene is tough, and it’s easy to find fault with the different people you meet along the way. Maybe he’s too possessive or she has a weird laugh. But have you ever thought of what kind of boyfriend or girlfriend you are? As we approach a whole new year of dating, why not […]

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Dec 17 2014

Going Gluten-Free In 2015? Here Are Six Things You Need To Know

Is 2015 going to be the year you finally kick gluten out of your life for good? Maybe you suspect that you have a gluten sensitivity, or you just want to get healthy by ridding yourself of gluten-filled processed foods. Whatever the reason, congratulations for making a change. It’s not going to be easy though. […]

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Dec 04 2013

The GlutenfreeSingles Guide to Surviving the Holidays

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The holidays are here, which means food, food…and more food! You will likely be on the receiving end of party invitations, family dinner requests, cookies, pies, egg nog and more. For anyone, the holidays can certainly be risky – all those extra calories have to go somewhere! For gluten-free eaters, the holidays are extra precarious. […]

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Dec 02 2013

Top Five Gluten-Free Gifts For The Holidays

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Five Great Gift Ideas For The Gluten-Free People In Your Life  Do you have someone in your life who is impossible to shop for AND gluten free? Or, are you that person and looking to give your family and friends a break this year by putting together a helpful list? Maybe you’ve found a special […]

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