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Nov 22 2016

Five Reasons the Holidays Are the Perfect Time to Start Dating Again

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It’s easy to convince yourself that the holidays are the WORST time to try and start dating again. You’ve got a thousand extra things to do, your parents are in town, and maybe you’ve been scarfing one too many pieces of leftover Halloween candy after your last breakup. Stop with this nonsense! The holidays are […]

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Jun 21 2016

Does Online Dating Make You Mean?

If you’ve tried out online dating for any length of time, you’ve almost certainly been on the receiving end of what I’ll call, “the disappearing act.” Someone catches your eye. You message them, and bingo! they respond back. The two of you send a few messages back and forth, and you start to feel those […]

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Jun 07 2016

It’s Okay to Start Online Dating Slow

You love the idea of being in a sizzling, fun relationship, so why can’t you find the time to write that killer profile? Why do you keep putting off answering messages from interested singles? You know that you have to strap into the dating rollercoaster if you want that relationship your dreams. However, that doesn’t […]

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Dec 31 2014

Improve Your Dating Game With Powerful New Year’s Resolutions

The dating scene is tough, and it’s easy to find fault with the different people you meet along the way. Maybe he’s too possessive or she has a weird laugh. But have you ever thought of what kind of boyfriend or girlfriend you are? As we approach a whole new year of dating, why not […]

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Dec 24 2014

New Year, New Relationships: The Online Dating Prep Guide for Love in 2015

We hope you had an absolutely wonderful 2014, but if you didn’t find love, don’t give up! 2015 offers you a fresh slate. Take the lessons from 2014 but leave the hurt or discouragement behind. You can find love this year. So, after all the New Year festivities are over, drink some water, get some […]

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Dec 02 2014

Special Holiday Gift To Help You Find Love

Let’s face it – it can be difficult for a gluten-free eater to find a special someone who is either also gluten-free or is willing to accept your gluten-free lifestyle. For those with celiac disease, the search is even harder. It is especially hard to be alone during the holidays when sappy Christmas movies are […]

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Nov 19 2014

How Do You Meet Your Ideal Romantic Match?

Whenever I meet a new couple, I love asking them how they met. Every couple’s story has a different beginning, so there’s no way to tell how you’ll meet your soul mate. One thing I’ve noticed about the people I’ve met is that it usually starts with having something in common. Do What You Already […]

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Oct 16 2014

Not Getting A lot Of Online Dating Attention? You Could Be Sabotaging Your Love Life With A Bad Profile Pic!

We all know how important first impressions are, which is why it blows my mind how many people upload crappy photos to their dating website profile. I wish we didn’t judge books by their covers, but in the online dating world, pictures matter a great deal! Imagine your typical girl starting her online dating profile. […]

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Aug 11 2014

How To Stay Safe On Your First Date

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One of the benefits of using an online dating website like GlutenfreeSingles is that both people in the pair can get to know each other online first before they meet in person. This can especially help women gain comfort with a potential partner and spot any early red flags. When the time comes for the […]

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Jun 27 2014

Are Gluten-Free People Really So Annoying?

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Recently, Jimmy Kimmel and his writing staff discovered GlutenfreeSingles.com. The result was a funny plug in his monologue followed by an amusing spoof about a fictional online dating site, JamieDate.com. We certainly appreciated the attention and don’t mind the laughs it generated.

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