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Dec 05 2017

Wow Your Friends with These 20 Gluten-Free Holiday Treats at Your Next Holiday Party

The holidays are synonymous with food, which can be a big risk if you are living the gluten-free life (by choice or necessity). Tis the season to find the break room filled with cookies, have your mother-in-law bake her famous rolls for Thanksgiving yet again, and to gather invites to endless Christmas and holiday celebrations […]

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Mar 14 2014

Gluten-Free Spring Foods

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Spring is on its way, which means those of us who have committed to eating a more natural and wholesome diet are going to get our hands on lots of delicious fruits and veggies that are now coming into season. Winter can be challenging for those of us who shop mainly in the fresh fruit […]

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Feb 10 2014

A Gluten Free Valentine’s Dinner – A Recipe For Love

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, gluten free singles, couples and families can be stressed out by where to go. What is safe? Is this really gluten free? This holiday is about passion, love, decadence, and gluten free individuals can enjoy it too! Here is a three-course meal that will be sure to invigorate the senses, impress […]

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Dec 09 2013

Make The Perfect Gluten-Free Salad

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Salads sometimes get a bad rep, but they can actually be delicious, healthy and fulfilling. Most importantly, they are a great option for gluten-free eaters. Veggies, nuts, meats and fruit – the primary ingredients in most salads – are all gluten-free. In fact, it can be hard not to make a gluten-free salad. Still, there […]

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Nov 13 2013

It’s Fall – Get Out The Crockpot

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Summer, with its gushing sunlight and gentle breezes, is great, but there’s something marvelous about fall. The air turns crisp and fresh, and the leaves show their true colors. Now is the time to toss the extra comforter on the bed, sweep out the fire place and get out your comfy fleece pajamas. Fall is […]

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Oct 18 2013

A Guide to Gluten-Free Salad Dressings

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Salad dressings are one of those foods that are notorious for sneaking a little gluten into the recipe. It can be tough to find a good gluten-free dressing in the supermarket, and even tougher to be sure your favorite restaurant serves a gluten-free option. Here are some tips to make eating a delicious, gluten-free salad […]

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Oct 16 2013

When Gluten-Free and Vegan Collide

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It’s tough eating gluten free, right? Especially when you’re dating someone who isn’t. Deciding where to eat or what to cook, all while avoiding cross-contamination, can be a real challenge. But what if your date is vegan? Eating gluten free means you cut out all foods with one kind of protein in them: gluten. Vegans, […]

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Oct 14 2013

Make Some Gluten-Free Desserts For Your Sweetheart

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One of the hardest things about embracing a gluten-free lifestyle is giving up many of the sweet, delicious desserts that fill up your local bakery. Almost all traditional desserts like cake, brownies, cookies and cupcakes include gluten. However, a gluten-free life doesn’t have to be a cupcake-free life. There are plenty of simple and tasty […]

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Oct 07 2013

Cooking for your Gluten-Free Date

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Just found out your date is gluten-free? Don’t worry! You can still cook for a gluten-free date, whether they choose to be gluten-free for better health, have a gluten allergy, or suffer from celiac disease. Here’s a crash course in how to cook gluten-free! So What Is Gluten, Anyway? Gluten is a protein found in […]

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