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Aug 08 2017

Teens and Young Adults Need Help Developing Mature Romantic Relationships

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There has been a lot of chatter in the news and more than a little parental fretting over the last few years about “hook-up culture” among teens and young adults. However, perhaps we should be worried less about the rise in casual sex and more about how today’s young adults are struggling and oftentimes failing […]

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Apr 05 2016

Dating Red Flags – How Does He Treat Other People?

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Surely you’ve heard at least one horror story from a friend who seemingly found the perfect guy only to discover a few weeks, months, or even years into the relationship that he was actually a complete and utter jerk. Don’t let this happen to you! (Or don’t let it happen again if you’ve been down […]

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Mar 08 2016

Dating Red Flags – Is Your Girlfriend Moving Too Fast?

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Girls certainly have a reputation for wanting to move a relationship forward a lot faster than their male companions. (Or is it just that guys like to drag their feet?) However, we’ve all heard the horror stories of girls slamming down the accelerator and horrifying her date with talk of marriage, kids, and shared retirement […]

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Jan 21 2015

If the Spark Isn’t There, Let Him Go

You sign up for an online dating site (maybe like GlutenfreeSingles) and start chatting with a cool new guy. Soon enough, you decide to meet in person. When you meet him for the first time, he checks every box on your imaginary perfect prince list. He is handsome, interesting, and funny. The conversation flows as […]

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Dec 31 2014

Improve Your Dating Game With Powerful New Year’s Resolutions

The dating scene is tough, and it’s easy to find fault with the different people you meet along the way. Maybe he’s too possessive or she has a weird laugh. But have you ever thought of what kind of boyfriend or girlfriend you are? As we approach a whole new year of dating, why not […]

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Jun 17 2014

Want To Be Super Sexy? Learn To Laugh At Yourself

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Do you want to be a super sexy, irresistible hunk or babe? You don’t have to answer that. I’ll assume a resounding YES! all around. You will probably be surprised to know that it doesn’t take abs of steel, Barbie proportions, or a million dollars in plastic surgery to be sexy.

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Mar 21 2014

Winning Your Housemates Over On Gluten-Free

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For those of us who live alone, switching to a gluten-free lifestyle can be as simple as by turning our home into a gluten-free zone. Keeping gluten out of the house makes it easier to stick to a gluten-free diet (see no evil,). However, many of us live with roommates, siblings, spouses, children or others […]

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Jan 17 2014

Gluten-Free People Are Lovable

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Relationships are terrifying. Each and every one of us fears rejection, humiliation and scorn. Many of us harbor a secret fear that we are not good enough, that something about us is unlovable and we will never find a partner who will truly cherish us. Gluten-free people are extra susceptible to these nasty thoughts. Dating, […]

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Oct 03 2013

When Should Online Dating Relationships Turn Exclusive?

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  The rise in popularity of online dating has led to more dating choices than ever for singles, while also blurring the lines of traditional dating protocols. Online dating websites, like Gluten Free Singles encourage both men and women to cast a wide net. Most online daters message multiple prospects with the understanding that only […]

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Sep 28 2013

Would You Consider Dating Outside Of Your Race?

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One of the greatest benefits of using an online dating website to find your next date is that you gain access to a large pool of potential partners to choose from. (In the case of GlutenfreeSingles, you can meet all different kinds of people who are gluten free). Too often in our everyday lives we […]

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