Dec 27 2016

The Five Things You Need to Do to Fall In Love In the New Year

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2016 is behind you! Time to let go of the past and fall in love in the new year.

This year is almost over, and considering how weird, horrible, and downright depressing the political scene has been (and, as a result, every single person’s Facebook page), good riddance! If you don’t have anybody to kiss under the mistletoe or on New Year’s Eve, don’t let yourself drown in the holiday blues. This year is practically history. You’ve got a brand new year (with no presidential elections!) to look forward to. Anything can happen in the new year, but only if you keep your mind and heart open. In the waning days of 2016, start putting yourself in the right frame of mind to go back out there and find true love in 2017. Here’s how to prepare to fall in love in the new year:

  1. Forgive Yourself For Past Transgressions

If you are human, then it means you’ve probably screwed up more than a couple of your past relationships due to your own personal failings. That’s totally normal. Rather than beat yourself up about it, change your mental frame. Look at past mistakes not as failures, but as opportunities to learn. What hurt you in your last relationships and how can you fix these parts of yourself? Forgive yourself, and then get to work to improve yourself.

  1. Treat Yo’ Self

Have you been a sad sap throughout the holidays, trudging around in your flannel PJs, going weeks without shaving, and shoving whole villages of gingerbread men into your gullet each day? Time to snap out of it and pick yourself back up. While you work on improving your inner self, make sure you take care of your body as well. Get a nice new haircut, start hitting the gym with a friend, buy a few new outfits. It may sound shallow, but looking good on the outside does help us feel better on the inside. You are worth pampering, so treat your body well, and others will take notice by the New Year.

  1. Get Over Her/Him

You know who we are talking about. The one who broke your heart. It’s finally time to get over him or her. Stop comparing all your new relationships to the one you had before or assuming whatever sunk that past relationship is bound to happen again. If he or she cheated on you, that doesn’t mean you need to be insanely jealous or protective in your next relationship. It is time to peel that person’s iron grip off of your heart. Don’t let them control your happiness any longer. Leave them, like 2016, in the past and look at 2017 as a new start.

  1. Believe In Love Again

We know, this sounds totally sappy, but too bad. Success doesn’t come to those who expect failure, and neither does love. You may have been battered or bruised by love in the past, but if you give up hope or try to protect yourself by being cynical, you’ll never be brave enough to ask out that cute girl or hit up that trendy bar where you’ll meet him. As corny as it sounds, just making the decision to believe in love can change your mindset, and when you change the way you look at the world, everything else can change too!

  1. Put Yourself Out There

Okay, if you’ve followed all of the above tips, then you are ready to fall in love in the new year. Now all you have to do is act! The next love of your life isn’t likely to just stumble into your arms. You have to put yourself in the position to find love. Consider joining an online dating website. There are a lot of huge sites where you’ll find a big, generic group of singles that you’ll need to whittle down. You can also take the opposite tract and sign up for a niche website like, where you’ll only be matched with other people who embrace the gluten-free lifestyle. Obviously, we hope that you’ll give our site a chance if you are gluten-free and want to find a gluten-free partner, but the point is to put yourself out there in the way that you feel more comfortable. Just taking this action will make all the difference.

We believe in you and in the power of new beginnings. We know that this is your year to fall in love in the new year!

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