Mar 04 2015

Three Dating Rules That Have Become Totally Obsolete

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dating rulesThese days, dating is more fluid than ever. When you have moms and their daughters dating at the same time and singles hopping from speed dating events, to online dating sites, and mobile apps, it seems like almost anything can go.

So, where does that leave the traditional “rules” of dating? Here are three well-known old-school dating rules that are now completely obsolete:


1. He Pays for Everything

Women ask for equality in the workforce, in politics, and in education…so why expect men to be the sole provider on a date? Today’s women are confident, independent, and can take care of themselves financially, which means they should offer to chip in for their date. If the man wants to pay to demonstrate chivalry, go ahead and let him but never expect him to pick up every tab. You may even want to suggest paying for the movie tickets if he pays for dinner as a way to show that you intend to invest in the relationship.


2. Waiting Three Days to Call

Yes, you remember itching to pick up that phone after an amazing first date but holding yourself back so as not to seem “desperate.” The old adage was to wait three days before you called and asked for a second date. This rule is on the top of the antiquated trash pile. Today, we are more connected than ever, and if you don’t text, call, message, or email your date within a day or two he or she will wonder if you’ve been hit by a bus. If you like someone, keep in contact…otherwise they might think you aren’t interested and find someone else. That leads us to our final obsolete dating rule…


3. Don’t Play Hard to Get

In the days when a person couldn’t jump online and instantly access hundreds of singles, you might have gotten away with playing hard to get. Teasing your dates or acting bored could have made them work harder to earn your attention. Not so much, anymore. If you aren’t clear and upfront about your feelings, your date may head on over to greener pastures. Today, it is easier than ever to connect to singles, even if they live across the ocean. If you play hard to get, you may quickly find yourself playing alone.

In truth, perhaps the number one new rule of dating is – Don’t trust the old rules of dating! You don’t really need dating rules to have a positive dating experience. Be authentic, be considerate, and go on your date with a positive mindset, and you’ll do great! If you want to meet gluten-free singles in your area, consider signing up for

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